Commerical cleaning

The Central Facilities Group works with various commercial clients to deliver a fast, efficient and streamlined commercial cleaning service.

Our commercial cleaning and maintenance services give our clients a host of operational and budgetary benefits, ensuring that they remain efficient and streamlined, whilst maintaining the highest possible quality standards. Customer service is Central to what we do and we treat your teams as our customers.

list of services
Our outsourced housekeeping and maintenance services give our clients a host of operational and budgetary benefits, ensuring that they remain efficient and streamlined, whilst maintaining the highest possible quality standards.
Competitive Built-In Pricing
We work with each of our prospective clients to develop fixed, predictable and competitive pricing, tailored to each hotel and charged on an hourly or per room cleaned basis.
Recruitment & Training
We use our extensive experience in cleaning and facilities management to recruit and train specialised cleaning teams that know and understand the hotel and brand standards.
Experienced Teams
Our Area Management and Operations team all have a background in cleaning and hospitality ensuring that they remain in-tune with your hotel and its day-to-day needs.
Innovation & Technology
Our commitment to embracing new technologies makes us one of the leading innovators in cleaning and facilities management. We use the latest mobile applications for planning, quality assurance and issue logging – leaving our team to do what they do best, clean and maintain your hotel.
Tailored Services & Equipment
Adding tailored services such as linen management and public areas cleaning as well as the provision of chemicals, materials and equipment helps to provides hotels with additional savings and reduced administration.
Specialist Services
We provide specialist services such as hard floor, window and upholstery cleaning services. Our competitive pricing gives your hotel additional savings and the benefits of working with a single best of breed service provider.
Leisure & Events
We work with the full spectrum of leisure facilities from large scale complexes to individual units. Our clients include restaurants, event venues, health clubs and museums, to name but a few.
From large scale production facilities to specialised sterile environments, we work with a number of industrial facilities to provide specialist cleaning services.
Working with retailers of all shapes and sizes, our consistent and streamlined approach ensures that shopping centres and individual retailers can open their doors with confidence.
Whether you require overnight or daytime cleaning, we provide cleaning and maintenance services to large-scale corporate and SME businesses across the UK and Ireland
Our experienced teams service the various communal areas in stations as well as the transport vehicles themselves.
Regular school and university cleaning as well as periodic student accommodation cleaning services provided by our experienced and professional teams.
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Our Central Values
The Central Facilities Group’s Central Values programme ensures that all aspects of our business approach every task with a common set of core values that help us exceed customer expectations time and time again.
Customer Service
Customer service is Central to what we do and we treat your customers as our customers. We go the extra mile to ensure our customers can call upon our Central Team at all levels and at any time to discuss your needs.
Everything that we do must provide value for our clients. Our experience, specialist teams and efficient service provision ensure that we deliver both operational and budgetary value for our clients.
Continuous monitoring and improvement is the key to maintaining quality levels and exceeding expectations. We use industry leading mobile technologies to monitor the quality of our work in real-time.
Learning & Development
We are committed to the continuous learning and development of our Central Team at all levels. Specialist training programmes, new technologies and career progression all form part of our commitment to staff learning and development.
Innovation & Technology
We always monitor and review the latest technologies and methodologies in our sector, so we can provide the best service to our clients. We use the latest mobile applications to plan, monitor and complete tasks at selected client sites, also sharing these technologies for our clients to use.
Partnership & Transparency
Our customers are Central to what we do. We approach each contract as a transparent business partnership making our clients’ priorities our own and providing a transparent and trust-worthy service. From charge rates to staff pay, transparency and honesty are at the heart of everything we do.